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UX/UI Design 

We understand that the needs of business should go hand in hand with the needs of users. This is why implementation of UX / UI design projects is a significant part of our work. We design the interfaces of websites, stores and applications that shape positive user experiences.

We perform UX research and design intuitive, friendly interfaces. We create low-fi and high-fi mockups. We deal with comprehensive UI design that combines visual attractiveness with maximization of usability.

UX/UI Design 

Functional project, maximized profits

Designing in line with the principles of UX is not an option, but a necessity. The reactions and feelings of users in contact with a digital product have a direct impact on its further decisions and attitude towards the brand. Using the latest technologies, we design and implement interfaces that respond to the needs of users.

We create fully interactive models of websites, stores and applications. We refine every piece of the page structure. We change the pre-defined vision of the project into a fully functional, technologically advanced digital product. Entrust us with a UX / UI design and check how powerful designing of friendly websites is.


UX/UI Design 

The implementation process


and requirements identification

Determining the needs, goals and assumptions of the client and his target group. Gathering all the relevant information to make a valuation.


Project valuation
and contract

Presentation of the costs and timeframe for implementation of individual stages. Establishing the terms of cooperation and signing the contract.


Materials collection
and research

Market research, thorough understanding of users’ needs, useful materials gathering for the implementation process.


Information concept
and architecture

Creation of initial product concepts, development of the user’s journey path and information architecture (product structure).


Preparation of mock-ups

Creation of fully interactive mock-ups depicting the key elements of the website or application.


Tests and verification

Tests and research to verify the operation and refine individual elements of the project.


and implementation

Modification of mock-ups in line with the test results, creation of a high-quality prototype and possible implementation/launch of the product.


Project delivery
and settlement

Meeting with the client, summing up and closing the project, providing documentation and financial settlements.