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SEO – positioning 

We help your customers to find your company! Complex SEO actions are the best way to position your business on top of search pages. It also generates organic traffic. Position your company as a recognized and trustworthy partner, thanks to our unique solutions.

We have website positioning experience, which we use for the steady development of your business. We use advanced analytical tools right keywords planners for this purpose. We will carry out all necessary activities on-site and off-site and we will provide detailed reports on our work.

Doświadczenie w pozycjonowaniu

Mamy doświadczenie w pozycjonowaniu stron WWW i użyjemy go dla rozwoju Twojego biznesu. Skorzystamy w tym celu z zaawansowanych narzędzi analitycznych i planerów słów kluczowych.Przeprowadzimy wszystkie niezbędne działania on-site oraz off-site, a także dostarczymy szczegółowy raport z prac.

SEO – positioning 

Complex actions, measurable effects

Optimizing the website for SEO and increasing its visibility are techniques which bring lucrative and long-lasting results. Thanks to them, you reach a larger audience. The bigger the number of recipients – the more profit it generates. It is important to position yourself with the right keywords, tailored to your industry, because this is the only way traffic transforms into conversions.

At ‘Wizja Studio’, we offer comprehensive SEO services. We have access to advanced, modern tools that monitor the effects of our activities on a daily basis. Tell us your expectations and we will select a tailor-made SEO package for you.

SEO – positioning 

The implementation process


Identifying expectations
and specificity of business

Identifying client’s expectations, as well as his needs and possible previous activities in the discussed matter. Creation of a business profile.


Offer, valuation
and contract

Based on the previously collected information, we present detailed proposal for cooperation, and if approved, we prepare a contract.


Current situation analysis

Competition research in Google, website audit, checking its current position, quality of content and technical parameters.


Development of strategy

Setting goals and tools to achieve them, using a keyword planner and setting optimization tips.


Website optimization

On-site activities, including adding meta tags and ALT attributes, improving loading speed of internal linking, improving HTML code, implementing friendly URLs.


Link building

Off-site SEO activities, including link profile assessment and acquiring valuable links directing to the website.


Results analysis
and subsequent implementations

Monitoring the effectiveness of activities including changes implemented in Google algorithms. Performing ongoing optimization.


Periodic reports
and settlements

Report on the activities along with information about the current situation of the website in the search engine, as well as payment settlement.