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The process of designing logos is essentially an attempt to capture a brand’s essence in it. It requires not only sophisticated vision, but also the ability to create a sign, with a clear and understandable meaning behind it. By choosing our services, you receive a professional logo design – also in the variant with the brand book.

Customers’ expectations and desires are the starting point of concept work on the logo. Thanks to that, we deliver the best possible offers. Every project is created from scratch, without ready-made templates – we don’t take shortcuts. 

Prace koncepcyjne

Prace koncepcyjne nad logo lub logotypem firmy zawsze rozpoczynamy od poznania oczekiwań naszego klienta. Dzięki temu możemy przedstawić jak najlepsze propozycje. Wszystkie projekty są tworzone od podstaw, bez sięgania do gotowych szablonów czy grafik.

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unique designs

Tailored logo is your best business card – not only for potential customers. By ordering a design of a modern, yet timeless logo, you also have an impact on how your employees or contractors see you. A professional image builds trust, inspires and encourages customers. The logo is its inseparable element!

We develop logos for companies from scratch, taking into account the principles of good design. We make sure to deliver them in fully usable format. We also verify the project in terms of plagiarism and transfer property copyrights in the contract.



Implementation process


and initial research

Initial talks about the client’s expectations and the profile of business. Collection of all information that may influence the final shape of the project.


and preliminary formalities

Discussion on valuation, timeframe of implementation and the detailed terms of cooperation. Preparation and signing of the contract.


Research and competition benchmark

Brand analysis in the context of its business environment. Competition research in order to assess the uniqueness of the project or fit into the scheme desired by the client.


concept sketches

Creation map of thoughts and associations, collection of symbols associated with the brand. Preparation of basic logo concepts.


Graphic design

The stage of proper logo design in a vector graphics program. Signet digitization, typography matching, color introduction.


and variant selection

Shortlisting the best projects. Consultation with the client, presentation of the proposal projects with descriptions and customer’s decision.


A Brand Book-

At your request, we also create and deliver a brand book, containing the origin of the logo, its colors, acceptable configurations and scaling tips.


and final formalities

After the final approval of the project, all necessary files are handed over and the service is settled. At this stage we also complete the last formalities.